Add a fork to your Habanero TT/Tri Frame
1" Fork Options Photo Price
Kinesis Carbon 3 (660g) 150
Alpha Q True Temper GS10 (340g - Grand Tour Series) 307
Alpha Q True Temper TS20 (425g - Time Trial Series Aero) 348
Oval Concepts Jet Stream A900 Aero Threadless Carbon Steerer (485g) 442
Profile BRC Threadless Aluminum Steerer (504g) 178
Profile BSC Threadless Carbon Steerer (608g) 178
Reynolds Ouzo Pro Threadless Carbon Steerer (370g) 289
Ritchey Comp Threadless Aluminum Steerer (485g) 168
Winwood Enthusiast Aluminum Steerer Threadless (582g) 142
Wound Up Carbon 349
Wound Up w/400mm steer tube 369





Add headset and fork installation:  Installation includes pressing headset and installing fork. For threaded, this includes cutting fork's steer tube. For threadless, fork will be uncut to allow for various stem and spacers. If you'd like us to supply and install the stem and spacers, just call us or drop us an email for a quick quote.

Shipping: $30 UPS Ground, insured for 48 states.  Contact us for other shipping quotes.

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If you would like us to give you a quote on an option you don't see above, choose "Substitute Other", and put the details in the comments section.  We'll do our best to meet your requirements.

By pressing "Submit Form", you are NOT ordering a bicycle.  We will contact you before building or shipping anything to make sure you are 100% happy with the options you have chosen, and to get your credit card information.

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